Tuesday, July 13, 2010

T3WK3 - Ergonomics I

Workplace 1 is more cluttered and the worker topples things over when he tries to move around to do his work. The chair is uncomfortable and is not adjustable. The monitor is also not adjustable and quite far from the worker. Workplace 2 is neat. The monitor is also adjustable and can be moved further or closer from the worker. All his things are arranged neatly. His chair is adjustable and the arm rests can move up or down easily. It also allows the user to lean back. His workplace is also simple and does not have very complicated equipment.

Workplace 2 is preferred. It is neater and allows the user to work with ease.

The workplace should be simple and allow the user to work and not focus on using the equipment. The chair should be comfortable and adjustable. The monitor should also not strain the user as the user uses the computer for a lot of their work.

It is important to ensure workers work efficiently. Even if the workplace is more expensive, it allows the worker to do his work more efficiently and finish his work on time.

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